Springtime in Saint Louie! Visiting the Farmers Market


Buy Local. Support Local. Eat the freshest produce you can buy!

Saint Louis hosts many farmer’s markets around the city. In fact, there were so many to choose from! We choose the Lake Saint Louis Farmers and Artist Market because of the volume of vendors and bonus, dog friendly!

Guide to going to the market:

  1. Pick a market. Post Dispatch Listings
  2. Check you local seasonal calendar. AgriMissouri Calendar
  3. Research the attending vendors.*

*I recommend double checking your vendors are selling what is in season, organic, free range, and most importantly local. There is such a difference in the quality and flavor of your food. No, we do not always buy these items due to cost. However, we do when it comes to the markets.

What did we get? For $20 dollars we came home with this bounty:

  • green onions
  • radishes
  • Italian lettuce
  • a dozen free range eggs
  • morel mushrooms (not sure what these are? Click here) These are costly due to short growing season.

Most embarrassing pug moment at the market. There were a few dog treat vendors. Penny dearest would have nothing of it! Guess, they were too “healthy.” Nothing like having your dog refuse to eat the vendor’s treat.

Favorite market? Let us know!