Easy Breakfast Casserole


Well, it came and is still here – MORE SNOW. Just came in after shoveling the drive for the 100th time. Oh sweet summer, can’t wait until you arrive!

It’s time to start the day off right with a filling and scrumptious breakfast!

Eggs are such a flexible food. The possibilities are endless for breakfast. The great part about making a breakfast casserole is that it can make so much. This is super easy recipe for a 9 inch or 9×13 dish. If you only have an 8 inch pie pan, you will need to reduce your egg/milk ingredients or it may overflow. Hope you enjoy this dish as much as I have!

Egg Casserole
◦10 eggs
◦1 and 1/2 cups milk
◦1 cup shredded potato (frozen or fresh)
◦3/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
◦1 cup shredded kale
◦4 slices of cooked and chopped bacon
◦1/2 cup chopped onions

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and liberally grease a 9 inch pie pan. Begin by slicing your bacon and then cook until crispy. Drain and set aside.

IMG_1210 IMG_1213


Next, line you dish with potatoes and cheese. I like cheese so there is extra cheese in the picture. Hate when that happens.

IMG_1206 IMG_1208

Here’s a quick tutorial to shred or julienne leafy greens. Roll the leaves and slice thinly. Run the knife through once more for a rough chop. Chop your onions and add the rest of the veggies and bacon to the dish




Finally, scramble eggs and milk together. You may add salt and pepper to taste to the egg mixture. Pour the egg mixture over the rest of the ingredients. Time to get messy, press the ingredients down in the egg to ensure they are submerged as best as possible.


Bake 50 to 60 minutes or until a knife comes out clean.


Voila, breakfast is served.

*You can also make this dish in a cupcake pan. Grease the pan well and assemble just like this recipe in each cup. Bake 35 to 45 minutes until a knife comes out clean.

Penny’s Corner: Even Miss Penny been having cabin fever too. We decided it was time for a new toy and visited our local Petco. She’s love her new elk antler and is so busy – she doesn’t even notice us or her favorite toy Lobsta’!

IMG_1429 IMG_1431 IMG_1434 IMG_1435

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