My February Staycation


Oh dearest couch, this winter we have spent many hours watching movies, snuggling with warm blankets, and being a plain lazy old maid. But, I’m not an old maid. I’m a healthy, lively 29 year old and I needed to get OUT of The Yellow Brick House for a Saturday. I’ve recently joined a Food Lovers MeetUp group and discovered a restaurant tour in Maplewood, MO. I gathered some of my lovely ladies and they day a staycation. Days like this remind me how wonderful my friends are. And, you do not have to venture far for some fun. It just means getting off that couch!


To start our day, we went to the Sweet Tooth Tour in Maplewood, MO. We picked up our tickets and went to the following venues for different tasty treats:

  • Kakao Chocolate, 7272 Manchester, Irish Whiskey Cake Treat
  • Foundation Grounds, 7298 Manchester, No Bake Goo Bal


  • Vom Fass, 7314 Manchester, Love Potion Cocktail and Lemon Olive Oil Cookies

IMG_1413 IMG_1412

  • Great Harvest Bakery, 7360 Manchester, Slice of Bread and Cookie Trio


  • LaCosecha Coffee Roasters, 7360 Manchester, Espresso Float and Brownie Truffle
  • Traveling Tea, 2707 Sutton, Candied Tea Leaves and Chai Latte


  • Pie Oh My!, 2719 Sutton, Chocolate Silk Pie
  • Strange Donuts, 2709 Sutton, Gooey Butter Donut


  • Encore Baking Company, 2730 Sutton, Cupcake

By the end of the tour, we were definitely on a sugar overload.  I was able to bring some items home from Vom Fass which I am very excited about, Berry Tea and Champagne vinegar.


There are a few awards for the tour.

Best Desserts: Irish Whisky treat from Kakao and the Gooey Butter Donut from Strange Donuts.

Best Store: Vom Fass. I absolutely loved this store. It’s filled with oils, vinegars, cognacs, and other fine liquors for sampling. It was in heavenly.


But, our day didn’t end there. After many samples of sweets and various alcohols, the ladies were in need of real sustenance. We stopped by Momos, a Greek restaurant in University City, and chowed down on tapas. It was great to catch up and talk about our favorite place on the tour.

After a bit, we separated to unwind before getting ready for dinner and bowling. There’s this Mission Taco Joint in University which I still have mixed feelings. My first experience was to spicy that led to not fully enjoy my food. However, I would go back anytime for this one dish, Street Corn.

You have to try it. It’s grilled, it’s creamy, it’s cheesy, it’s an OMG kind of dish to eat. Luckily my one of the ladies is dating a former chef that worked in the kitchen. Meaning – I have the recipe! Look for future posts about this dish. Sorry folks for the lack of pictures on this joint.

Lastly, we ended the night bowling at Pin Up near the taco joint. It wasn’t my best game. But, I had fun and wish the night didn’t have to come to an end!

Till we meet again…



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