B’Nut Squash Soup



It’s my birthday! Excited for my surprise dinner from the hubby tonight. In typical, The Yellow Brick House Style, we must start off with one of my favorite soup dishes.

Trader Joe’s butternut squash soup was a staple our pantry- until now. It comes in a box and tastes divine with cheese, garlic croutons, or some crusty bread. I’ve always wanted to make my own and was wary of the evil squash.

Butternut squash is very hard and difficult to cut. After a couple of tries, I’ve become a master of the gourd. Start with a very SHARP knife, cut the neck, and last the gourd. It’s less likely to tumble on your cutting board and slice you. Ouch! For the love of soup!

B’Nut Squash Soup

Serves 6-8

2-3lb butternut squash

4 cups broth (chicken or veggie)

5 strips bacon

1/2 cup finely chopped bacon

4 cloves finely minced garlic

2 tsp. ground ginger

1 cup Greek Yogurt (cream or cream cheese works as a substitute)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Slice the neck squash in half and slice the gourd in half. Remove seeds and place on a baking sheet. Cover your squash with aluminum foil. Bake 1 hour or until squash is easily pierced with a fork.


Once thoroughly cooked, remove squash from oven and set aside to cool. Next, slice bacon into strips and sauté until crisp. Remove bacon and drain grease.


Next, add your chopped onion and minced garlic to the same pan where the bacon was cooked. Saute 2-3 minutes.ImageImage

Add onions and garlic to a blender and food processor. Next remove squash flesh from the skin and place half in the blender. Add 2 cups of broth and blend. Pour into a large pot at medium high heat.


Repeat with last batch of squash and broth. Also, add Greek yogurt and blend until smooth. Pour batches into a large pot at medium high heat. Finally, add ginger and cook for twenty minutes until hot and bubbly.

Garnish with your favorite cheese and bacon. Time to Enjoy!



Penny’s Corner: Nothing to new in the life of this pug. Although, her dad likes to sing many songs with Penny as the Star! One of my favorites is, “Sleepy pug, sleep sleepy pug, stinky pug, stink stinky pug.” Don’t worry, Penny does get plenty of baths and doesn’t stink all that bad. But, she tends to smell like Fritos quite often.

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